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Restaurants Claim Food Trucks Are Eating Their Sales

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a report and video up on the impact of food trucks on nearby restaurants' revenue. “It’s significantly impacted my business," Matt Coggin, owner of D.B.A. Barbecue, told The AJC. He also says that Wednesdays, the day the food trucks gather in Virgina-Highland, have become his slowest business day of the week. It's a tricky topic for Atlanta chefs and restauranteurs. Support your mobile cohorts, but face the possibility of it affecting your own revenue. According to one anonymous source in the mobile community, they've allegedly encountered many obstacles because one restauranteur located near where they set up shop has been threatened and, therefore, making things tough for them with the city by lodging a series of sometimes ridiculous complaints. What do you think, Atlanta? Are food trucks good or bad for Atlanta restaurants?

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