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John Kessler Awards Rathbun's Four Stars

 The dining room at Rathbun's.
The dining room at Rathbun's.
Photo: Broderick Smylie/Savory Exposure

John Kessler, lead dining critic for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, revisits Rathbun's this week after quite a long time and awards the Atlanta mainstay four stars. When speaking of the menu, Kessler writes:

Half of the dishes sound like plates of food I want to bury my head in. Roasted pork belly tacos with orange hoisin? Sea scallop Benedict on country ham grits? Braised beef short rib with spaghetti squash carbonara and a Bantam egg yolk to swirl into it? Yes, please. Healthy eating can wait for another night.
Kessler goes on to say the menu is "far from flawless." However, he closes with:
The critic who lives in my head says it needs to pare down the increasingly outdated menu, upgrade the drinks program and work on its execution. But my heart wins out on this one. It’s a special place that still defines one kind of greatness in Atlanta.

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