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Beware Of The Dog Cart Stolen

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Welcome to another edition of Shit People Steal, a feature in which we ask restaurateurs what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.
The Beware of the Dog cart. [Photo: Facebook]

According to its Facebook page, the "Beware of the Dog" cart was stolen over the weekend. Atlantans that frequent Mary's may recognize the "vegan and vegetarian friendly horror themed hot dog cart" from its late-night post in East Atlanta. Seems that the cart was taken around 3a.m. on Thursday night. By 8:36p.m. on the following evening, the cart had been returned and the owner had a funny little story in addition to their property back. From Beware of the Dog:

The Beware of the Dog dog cart is back at home safe and sound and sporting a new logging chain and master lock (hot!) It would seem that the genius villainous mind that stole the cart in the first place was smart enough to use his employee key card to access the building(and company truck to transport)..........BRILLIANT! Further more this scheming mad man had the forethought to take said stolen property to his home residence. Lastly, he was kind enough to admit to his colleagues that he had in fact stolen said property and allow them to retrieve it from his lair of evil and ghettrosity. So, we are back in business tomorrow night at aforementioned locations. Moral of the story...BEWARE OF THE DOG!!

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