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More Frozen Yogurt; Fried Chicken; Po'boys; And More

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 Yogli Mogli yogurt wall
Yogli Mogli yogurt wall
Photo: Facebook

1) Tech Square: Creative Loafing reports Yogli Mogli opened last week. [POST PLYWOOD]

2) Decatur/Edgewood: CL also reports that Swirlin’ Twirlin’ will open this month in Decatur and that Harold's Chicken Shack is making progress on its Edgewood location. [PLYWOOD]

3) Sandy Springs: Hieu Pham, owner of Crawfish Shack, has confirmed that he will open a second full-service location on Roswell Road in the near future. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

4) Kirkwood: The Spotted Trotter is on schedule to open its first retail location on November 4th according to owner Kevin Ouzts. [PLYWOOD]