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Besha Rodell Awards Cibo E Beve Two Stars

 The dining room at Cibo E Beve
The dining room at Cibo E Beve
Photo courtesy of Foodie Buddha

Besha Rodell, Food editor and dining critic for Creative Loafing, reviewed Cibo E Beve this week and awarded it two stars. Rodell says of the food: "In general, many of Cibo e Beve's dishes would shine brighter with fewer adornments and a touch more focus. But these dishes show Harrell's potential, elevating Italian food with her sophisticated vision."

She closes her review with the following:

I want Cibo E Beve to be just a smidge better than it is, both the Cibo (food) and Beve (drink). The cocktails are ambitious, but the drinks don't live up to the list's aspirations. And while the new fall menu shows improvement over the opening offerings, the food is uneven. I long for less components on most plates, more love and simplicity. It seems as though these dishes have been over-thought. Which is perhaps what happens when a chef spends four years thinking about a restaurant before it comes into existence. I hope Cibo E Beve mellows over time and becomes a tad less fussy, a pinch simpler. Because under all the pizzas and cocktails and fancy platings lie the hopes and dreams of one talented chef.

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Cibo E Beve

4969 Roswell Road. Atlanta, GA.