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John Kessler Awards Cibo e Beve Two Stars

 Cibo E Beve
Cibo E Beve
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Kessler says the flavors of the sausage and broccoli rabe pie "reminds me why this combination can work so well." He calls the meatballs "spot on" and says he "wouldn't hesitate" to steer diners towards a pasta that's generous on the lobster. [AJC]

Bill Addison, Food editor and dining critic for Atlanta Magazine, reviews No. 246 in the October issue and awarded the Decatur restaurant two stars. Addison calls the restaurant an "instant hit," but goes on to challenge the restaurant with this conclusion after describing "a fun, experimental duo of fried rabbit tenderloin and pulled pork with oyster mushrooms, greens, and sultanas": "When the crowds simmer down, maybe we’ll see more of this kind of daring spark on the regular menu. Soothing dishes may always be welcome in a neighborhood that loves to eat out, but I know Belline is also capable of creativity that could inspire our entire dining scene." [Atlanta Magazine]

Besha Rodell, of Creative Loafing, reviewed Escorpion Tequila Bar and Cantina this week and awarded it two stars. Rodell says: "Escorpion is in no way a revelation – it is what it is. Cocktail-driven, fun, just-this-side-of-slutty Mexican food." However, she does say: "Rego has made an impact on the quality of the food since he's taken over." [Creative Loafing]

Fried Chicken Lips also reviews Cibo E Beve this week. Eat It, Atlanta reviews The Porch at Collier. Food Near Snellville reviews The One Eared Stag.

no. 246

129 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, , GA 30030 (678) 399-8246 Visit Website

Cibo e Beve

4969 Roswell Rd., Suite 245, Atlanta, GA 30342