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Cliff Bostock's Grazing Column No Longer?

 The dining room at La Pietra Cucina.
The dining room at La Pietra Cucina.
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In this week's "Grazing," longtime Creative Loafing columnist Cliff Bostock lists his 10 favorite Atlanta Eateries (Miso Izakaya, Holy Taco, and La Pietra Cucina are mentioned to name a few). Bostock also used this week's article as an opportunity to formally announce (he already did so on his personal blog) that the paper is lessening the frequency of his column. Says Bostock: "I should also explain that after this column, the weekly publication of Grazing ceases and, for the time being, will continue as a monthly column. I have written the column for 24 years, as best I can remember."

Eater Atlanta reached out to Besha Rodell, the dining section's editor and the paper's restaurant critic, for a comment about the change and this what she had to say:

We very much value what Cliff brings to our food section, but I've had to reallocate resources and scale back Grazing to once a month. Cliff will stay on as our main Omnivore blogger, and I'm going to try to keep his voice in the paper in as many ways as possible.
What do you think? Was it time to scale back Bostock's column? Does the paper need some new blood? Will you miss it?

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