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Tongue and Groove's Top 17 Non-paid Celebrity Moments

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 Inside Tongue and Groove.
Inside Tongue and Groove.
Photo courtesy of Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove is celebrating its 17th anniversary on November 17th. The place has seen a lot of action and celebrity antics. In honor of its anniversary, co-owner Michael Krohngold listed off his favorite non-paid celebrity moments at the nightclub over the years. Some are pretty tame, but others - Oh, Diddy. You are so above the law - are funny.

Here's the list straight from Krohngold's mouth/PR person:

1. Mick Jagger, with a towel draped around his neck, dancing by himself, while an enormous security guard kept unworthy potential partners from invading his personal space.

2. Janet Jackson hiding behind her hoodie and canoodling with Jermaine Dupri (before they went public with their relationship), and shyly asking U.S. Open tennis champ Andy Roddick and companion Mandy Moore, if they could have their table?!

3. Sunglass-clad Cee Lo Green spontaneously belting out “Crazy” while standing on a sofa.

4. REM frontman Michael Stipe hanging with actor pal Stephen Dorff, trying to avoid talking to anyone.

5. Regular Dallas Austin hosting good friends Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Denzel Washington, Quincy Jones, and Wesley Snipes.

6. Kid Rock “singing Sweet home Alabama a capella while waiting in line for the VIP bathroom.

7. Usher standing outside the Peachtree Road entrance virtually unnoticed in 1997, waiting on his SUV. Hanging out recently after his split with Tameka doing his best to keep from getting swarmed.

8. Jane Fonda dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Bringing sexy back”, during her GCAP benefit, giving real meaning to the hit song.

9. Tiger Woods insisting on getting the phone number of at least two of our cocktail waitresses.

10. Fabio attempting to stick his tongue in the ear of our VIP hostess.

11. Sprinter Michael Johnson smoking a stogie and giving fist bumps after winning the Gold medal in the 400m at the1996 Atlanta Olympics.

12. Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley high stepping on the dance floor to fellow Irishmen U2’s DJ remix.

13. Sean “P Diddy” Combs giving the finger to APD when asked to stub out his blunt.

14. Jamie Foxx asking for a wireless mic so he could sing “Golddigger” live to a bunch of golddiggers.

15. Basketball great and CNN sports commentator Charles Barkley holding court and asking every pretty young thing, " Who’s afraid of big black man?”

16. Playboy magazines ultra-xclusive Superbowl party full of playmates and players. Attendees ranged from basketball legend Michael Jordon to Francis Ford Coppola to Carmen Electra to Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis the night before he was charged with murder at another Buckhead club.

17. Dancing in the streets following the Braves World Series win in 1995, moved indoors and has remained a favorite post-game clubhouse for an evolving roster of players; David Justice, Andruw Jones, Brad Clontz, Chipper Jones, John Schmoltz, Javy Lopez, Mark Lemke, Fred McGriff, Dan Uggla, Freddy Freeman.

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