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Check Out This Old Pano's And Paul's Menu

Welcome to Menus of Old, a new feature in which we showcase incredibly old menus from Atlanta's dining past.
[All photos courtesy of Eddie Valente]

Today's menu comes to Eater Atlanta from Eddie Valente, a Buckhead Life veteran and the current General Manager at Pricci. Valente was the dining room manager at Pano's & Paul's from 1979 until 1993. As a result, he had lots of old Pano's and Paul's stuff hanging around - this opening menu from 1979 in particular. If you aren't familiar with Pano's and Paul's, it was widely considered one of Atlanta's finest dining establishments until it closed some years ago. The menu - as you can see - was continental-style dining with many old, great dining standards. As you can see above, many of the prices are a far cry from today's standard. Prime filet mignon for $10.95? Yes, please.

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