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Bill Addison Awards Cakes & Ale Three Stars

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 A table at Cakes & Ale.
A table at Cakes & Ale.
Photo courtesy of Cakes & Ale

Bill Addison, Food editor and dining critic for Atlanta Magazine, has awarded three stars to Cakes & Ale in the latest issue of the publication. Addison calls "the warmth of the new Cakes & Ale feels to its storefront that opened in 2008 a few blocks away on West Ponce de Leon Avenue" similar to the original. He also speaks very highly of everything David Sweeney is doing in the Bakery at lunch. Concerning chef/owner Bill Allin's cooking, Addison says:

It’s hard to categorize Allin’s inquisitive, globally influenced style, but his individuality is what makes Cakes & Ale a destination restaurant. I know to expect pristine ingredients, but I can never predict what he’ll do with them. Thinly sliced radishes, pears, and celery atop arugula play off each other joyfully, like gospel singers trading vocal riffs. They don’t even need the gorgeous slice of Rogue River blue cheese beside them. On Allin’s plates, fruits and vegetables carry their own weight. He is most lyrical, though, with the ways in which he interweaves meats and produce.

John Kessler reviewed Chicken and The Egg and awarded it two stars. He says:

I hate to laud a place as grounded and honest as this one for copping to “dining trends,” so let’s just say Chicken and the Egg captures the contemporary Atlanta restaurant aesthetic with real aplomb. I think you will love its vision, which brings to mind such restaurants as Miller Union and Empire State South. And I think you will like its food well enough. Many dishes here have a clean presentation and taste of carefully sourced ingredients, but they also needs some tweaks and a stronger point of view to really sing.
Kessler also notes that pastry chef Karie Brown is someone to keep an eye on.

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Cakes & Ale

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