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Hartsfield-Jackson Has "Unhealthiest" Airport Food

 Paschal's Restaurant, Hartsfield-Jackson Atrium.
Paschal's Restaurant, Hartsfield-Jackson Atrium.
Photo: John Maley

The least healthy airport food can be found at none other than Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, as noted in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. According to the merry vegan propagandists Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (who pretty much think that any meat is unhealthy), Atlanta's airport is at the bottom of a list including 15 major airports in a dozen states. The committee report noted that many airport restaurants are adding healthful options, like in Detroit, but others like Washington's Reagan and Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson are behind. Specifically, they say:

"Terminals at Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta are clogged with eateries serving hot dogs, fried chicken, and pizza."
As we've previously reported, Atlanta's current airport dining does have a few gems and its future restaurants will be (er) taking off in a better direction soon.

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