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Pearson's Wine Closing At Year's End

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Pearson's Wine of Atlanta
Pearson's Wine of Atlanta
Photo courtesy of Pearson's Wine

After 41 years in Buckhead, Pearson's Wine of Atlanta is closing on December 31, reports Scott Henry at Creative Loafing. Henry notes the irony of Atlanta's new Sunday Sales law going into effect the next day, but points out that the shop's demise means plenty of "bargain booze" in time for NYE revelry. The number one reason cited for Pearson's closing is that owners Walter and Dorthy Eisenberg are retiring, but as the C.L. piece points out, the economy is likely a close second—after all, Walter himself said in a 2010 Business Chronicle article that his business, "the Tiffany's of wine and liquor shops in [its] tail kicked really hard" in the downturn.

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Pearson's Wine of Atlanta

3072 Early St NW, Atlanta, GA 30305