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Atlanta Airport To Become A Dining Destination?

 Wall St. Deli Kiosk at Hartsfield International Airport
Wall St. Deli Kiosk at Hartsfield International Airport
Photo: Concessions International

75% of Hartsfield's concession space is now available according to The Saporta Report via The Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Atlanta appears to be reinforcing its effort to help small businesses get a piece of the pending food and drink concessions trade at the airport.

The city's procurement department has added language to its request for proposals for the airport concessions contracts.

The new language hammers home Atlanta’s decision to require the big prime operators to allow their sub-tenants to join up with other prime operators that are competing for contracts.

Proposals are due July 21 and, if the rumors swirling around town have been correct, we can expect to see some big name chefs and restauranteurs - like chef Anne Quatrano - putting in a bid for one of these prime locations.

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