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The Howell Mill Food Park Cancels Again

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The Howell Mill Food Park canceled its event again last night because of permit issues. Brett Holtzclaw, local marketing agent and one of the forces behind the Park's inception, took to the Park's Facebook page to lament the holdup:

Tonight is definitely not happening. What I thought was 100% for next week, I'm not even that sure now.... We take 4 steps forward then 10 steps back. I worry about the food trucks in this town who now don't have enough viable places to sell their goods and could lose their investments. If there is more bad news today, will look for help. If a few voices aren't enough, maybe a few thousand are.
The Atlanta Street Food scene has definitely met its share of resistance since it picked up steam a little over a year ago and, by the looks of things, the troubles are far from over. Despite Howell Mill's halted progress, The Inman Food Park is supposed to go live this weekend barring any problems.

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