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Foodie Buddha Coins The Most Annoying Restaurant Review

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Foodie Buddha has really outdone himself. The snarky blogger took a recent CHOW article listing the 78 Most Annoying Words to Read in a Restaurant Review as a challenge and penned a hilarious - and intentionally hard to read - review of Torrisi Italian Specialties in New York with all 78 words. An excerpt:

More than once during our visit, I heard a squeal or two from a neighboring table. While nothing in the vocal octave of orgasmic Sally (hint: movies), if I could translate such bodily noises, I'd think these people had died and gone to heaven.

In my opinion, the food at Torrisi might not be conceptually decadent, but it is gutsy and oh so yummers; or yummilicious; or yummo; or perhaps the more reserved; yummy; It wasn't to die for and perhaps not historic either; but, yumminess dominated while the few underwhelming moments passed through my tummy without so much as a second thought.

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