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Eat Like A Caveman At Abattoir

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 The dining room at Abattoir.
The dining room at Abattoir.
Photo: The Blissful Glutton

Abattoir has debuted its new Paleolithic - or Paleo - menu. For $39 per person, you get beef jerky, poached Georgia white shrimp with spicy bibb and cabbage salad, herb marinated pork loin with eggplant and tomato caponata and plum granite with plum and almond streusel. For those of you who aren't familiar the Paleolithic diet is the latest diet/lifestyle trend sweeping the hipster nation. The gist of the diet is that you eat like cavemen did - meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts. No grains, dairy, salt, refined sugars or processed oils are allowed.

However, the Paleo diet hasn't gotten great reviews. According to a 2011 survey by US News & World Report, the Paleo diet was ranked the worst out of 20 diets evaluated. From the survey:

The Paleo diet came out at or near the bottom in every category, and ranked dead last overall. Experts rarely gave it anything above a 2, and were especially critical of its nutritional completeness, cost, and its applicability for weight loss and for preventing or controlling diabetes and heart disease. Most agreed with one panelist who said, "This diet should go back where it came from."

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1170 Howell Mill Rd Atlanta, GA 30318