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Need to Say Thanks? There's An App For That.

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Atlanta-based We&Co has launched an application that allows you to send a shout-out to the people who provide you with excellent service be it your server at a restaurant, your favorite hairstylist, or the guy who cleans your gutters. Through the app, you can receive perks for your loyal patronage, create a "black book" of businesses you frequent, and search for new businesses to check out through your friends.

Employees and businesses can also get in on the We&Co action. Employees can build relationships with clients and boost their reputation. Co-founder Jared Malan told GOOD:

This is a way to engage the employees, not just the customer. What we’re really looking to build is community around the place, through the community that work there. This is meant to be a communication channel between the customer and the employee...
Businesses can build their brand through a variety of tools and reward repeat customers. Right now, Atlanta is the only city with employees built into the App, but, if you are interested in adding some from your city, you can sign up here.

The free App is available at Apple's App Store.

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[Photo courtesy of We&Co]