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Robert Phalen Of The One Eared Stag Arrested For DUI?

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Chef Robert Phalen of The One Eared Stag and Holy Taco may have gotten himself into some trouble over the weekend. A concerned resident posted the following on the the message board for The Kirkwood Neighbor's Organization (registration required) in response to another asking why there "were tons of police cars, fire trucks and an ambulance" on "Hosea and Rocky Ford" around 1a.m. on Saturday night:

It was a BMW that hit a Marta Police Lt. Then a pursuit started down Rocky Ford going towards Hosea. As they came down Rocky Ford a car that was parked in a driveway was hit so hard it ended up in the neighbors yard (the poor drivers side is all crushed in and bent the passenger wheel in) and then the BMW hit the street sign and the neighbors mailbox and took off down Rocky Ford where the chase continued, after surveying all of the debris that was left by his car (a whole light panel and side panel).
Another resident posted a link to "a possible suspect" on Dekalb Mugs and the suspect is a "Robert P Phalen." There is a striking similarity of the person in the mugshot to this photo. The list of charges - striking an unattended vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing or attempting to elude, and more - is very similar to the scenario portrayed on the message board, but nothing has been confirmed.

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