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Hipster Meme Features Photo Of Local Barista

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Eater National posted earlier about a newish Hipster Barista meme making its way around the interwebs. Turns out the photo being used is one of a local barista, Dustin Mattson of everyone's favorite coffee shop, Octane Coffee. Turns out Dustin is not too happy as he tweeted this earlier today after Broderick Smylie of Savory Exposure turned him onto the meme: "yeah it's real representative of what I do to feed my family."

· Hipster Barista [Quickmeme via Eater National via @mattbuchanan]
· The Hipster Barista Meme Is a Thing Now [-E-]


1009 Marietta Street NorthWest, , GA 30318 (404) 815-9886 Visit Website

Octane Coffee

1009 Marietta Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30318-5505