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Lunch With David Sweeney Launched Today

Cakes_Ale%20bakery-001.jpgBill Addison, Dining editor and restaurant critic for Atlanta Magazine, reports that David Sweeney's lunch service launched at Cakes & Ale today. Addison spoke with Sweeney about the menu which will be "...seasonal—and quality local. I always believe in putting a little global in your local because I just think that’s the way the world works." Addison reports the initial menu will have dishes such as "smoked trout on brioche and ciabatta crostini with butternut squash, chevre, and pepper jelly; warm corn soup; a house salad of the freshest greens; a room-temperature antipasto vegetable plate; and sides like sprouted chickpea salad." [Covered Dish]

Cakes & Ale

155 Sycamore Street, , GA 30030 (404) 377-7994 Visit Website