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The Beer Growler Opening August 12th

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Photo: The Beer Growler

Athens-based The Beer Growler has announced an opening date according to an email newsletter sent out by Avondale Estates' City Hall. On Friday, August 12th at 11 a.m., The Beer Growler will hold a ribbon cutting. For those of you who are not beer geeks, the newsletter describes a growler as "a standard industry term used to describe a glass jug used to transport draft beer for off premises consumption." Growlers have seen increased popularity around town - especially more eco-minded beer drinkers with an affinity for smaller breweries. The Growler will sell a selection of beers that you can take home in your very own jug. The draft list for the Avondale location will be available on its website soon.

·The Beer Growler [Official Website]

38 North Avondale Road. Decatur, GA