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Besha Rodell Awards BLT Steak Three Stars

 The dining room at The BLT Steak.
The dining room at The BLT Steak.
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Besha Rodell, dining critic and editor at Creative Loafing, reviews BLT Steak this week and awards the downtown restaurant three stars. Rodell reviewed BLT in the past, but re-reviewed since chef Cyrille Holota is now at the helm. Rodell shines a light on one of the few kitchens in Atlanta that has "French technique. Food so cosseted it is utterly dependable as a special-occasion treat." Now, does she consider the splurge at the "comically expensive" steakhouse worth it? The answer in her own words:

If you've got the cash and you just want the best, most coddled steak around, it might be worth it. If you miss fine dining and the sheer thrill of food prepared by a master, then it might be worth it. There are very few chefs in town deserving of that title: Master. Cyrille Holota is one of them.
In a subsequent blog post, Rodell explains why she awarded BLT Steak three stars and also discusses the challenges of starred reviews.

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BLT Steak

45 Ivan Allen Junior Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30308

45 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. Atlanta, Georgia,