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Gordon Ramsay Infiltrates Park's Edge

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As we mentioned yesterday, chef Gordon Ramsay has been in Atlanta filming an episode of his new show Kitchen Nightmares. His latest victim? Inman Park restaurant Park's Edge. Ramsay told Fox 5 "Atlanta's raising the bar, these guys have got to move with it, otherwise the neighborhood moves them." Fox went behind the scenes with Ramsay as he tried to revamp the struggling Inman Park restaurant in just four days. That revamp included a total remodel overnight and menu overhaul. Was the controversial chef happy with the changes he made? "We're 70 percent of the way. There's a lot of groundwork to do," said Ramsay. The new season of Kitchen Nightmares returns on September 22rd.

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Park's Edge

913 Bernina Avenue. Atlanta, GA. 30307