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Conversation Starters

omni.jpgBesha Rodell, Creative Loafing's lead restaurant critic and dining editor, has penned an annoyed, yet thoughtful, piece about a certain style of restaurant service that's becoming more prevalent. And we've all encountered it before. You know, the "have you dined with us before?" ridiculousness. Rodell looks at what's behind it. From her article: "I've begun to recognize the insidious reality behind this monologue-as-service style of waiting tables, and that is that asking if we've been there before and reading the menu aloud is a veil, a distraction. Restaurant managers mistakenly think that if they can force everyone to deliver a well-rehearsed script they don't have to actually train servers on the important stuff. Like, knowing how the food tastes. Or knowing the wine list. Or understanding how a dish is actually put together." [Creative Loafing]