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CinéBistro At Town Brookhaven Open Today

 CinéBistro at Town Brookhaven
CinéBistro at Town Brookhaven
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CinéBistro opens today in the Town Brookhaven. The concept of a dinner/drinks and movie is nothing new to Atlanta, but this place is a bit more upscale. Look for first-run and independent movies, black leather rocking chairs, premium cocktails and wine, and a menu that includes dishes like rock shrimp risotto, cobb salad with ricotta salata, and a house-ground burger. Sorry, kids. But if you aren't 21, you ain't getting into the movie theater. All ages, however, are allowed in the dining room. More information on the Brookhaven location's website.

· CinéBistro: Brookhaven [Official website]

Cinébistro at Town Brookhaven

1004 Town Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30319 (404) 333-0740 Visit Website

1004 Town Blvd. Brookhaven, GA 30319