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No, Really. That's My Great Uncle.

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Welcome to another edition of Shit People Steal, a feature in which we ask restaurateurs what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.
The photo wall at Atkins Park Tavern [Photo courtesy of Sandra Spoon]

Today's edition of Shit People Steal comes from Sandra Spoon of Atkins Park Tavern. Spoon - has there ever been a more perfect name for a restaurant owner? - says "salt and pepper shakers get stolen from the Atkins Park Tavern patio in Virginia Highland all the time."

Of course, people also steal the specialty pint glasses, game pieces, and the flower vases off of the tables. However, the main event of today's edition is a little more ballsy. 

Atkins Park has lots of framed original old-timey photos on the wall and people have no qualms about stealing them. According to Spoon:

In one story, a man claimed the photo was his great uncle who once owned Atkins. We get that about once a month! He asked to have the framed photo and we told him no, but that we would be happy to help him get a reproduction. When no one was looking, he lifted the photo off the wall, jumped in his fancy car right out front and sped off.

Must have been some sort of scavenger hunt for aging frat boys.

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Atkins Park Tavern

794 N Highland Ave Atlanta, GA 30306