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Peter Chang's Deal Pulled From ScoutMob

 The restaurant's dining room during a recent Friday dinner service.
The restaurant's dining room during a recent Friday dinner service.
Photo: Jennifer Zyman

Well, this is a new one. Scoutmob tweeted earlier: "Sorry to report Peter Chang's has been pulled from Scoutmob, and will not honor the deal. No hard feelings, just too much for them to handle." Upon calling the restaurant to figure out why this happened, a woman who identified herself as "one of the managers" said the restaurant would in fact honor the deal from 3-5, but "not on holidays." When pressed as to why the restaurant was no longer honoring the deal, the woman said: "There's reasonings on why it happened and I don't feel I need to get into that."

ScoutMob's Liza Dunning sent us a comment via email about the situation.

"It seems we were bringing in more traffic than they were used to having during lunch and dinner hours, so they wanted to limit the hours in which users could use a Scoutmob deal. Obviously, this isn't how it normally works with Scoutmob, so we decided to pull the deal instead of having confused/disappointed users showing up during dinner. As fantastic as Peter Chang's is and as excited as everyone was about the deal, we figured this was our best option. Pulling deals doesn't happen often, but it will if/when we find deals that don't meet our fans' expectations or if there is any confusion that is harmful to the business."

If our recent visits to the restaurant are any indication of how it is doing, it really needs the business. If we had a "Death Watch," Peter Chang's/Cheng's would surely be on it.

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Peter Chang's Tasty Two

6450 Powers Ferry Rd Sandy Springs, GA 30339