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See Chef Kevin Gillespie On Squidbillies

 Kevin Gillespie on Squidbillies.
Kevin Gillespie on Squidbillies.
Photo via Kevin Gillespie via Adult Swim

Top Chef runner up - aka the chef everyone though deserved the title that season - Kevin Gillespie let it slip via Twitter and Facebook that he will be on an upcoming episode of Adult Swim's popular show Squidbillies. An obvious fan, Gillespie tweeted: "I guess I can check this off my bucket list now. Watch me as a guest on this season’s premiere of Squidbillies..." If you aren't familiar with the show, you can check out back episodes on Adult Swim's website. The new season premieres this Sunday, September 11th. By the looks of things, they captured Gillespie's beard perfectly.

***Update: Gillespie just posted a link to a preview of Sunday's episode.

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