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Making Buckhead More Park-y; The "Brookwood Desert"; Less Condos For Sale; Decatur: A Top 10

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta...
[A rendering and current location photo of a multi-use trail proposed for GA-400 right-of-way in Buckhead, one of the many facets of a master plan presented in The Buckhead Collection.]

Buckhead—Just a day before it was revealed it had become a public land trust, Curbed took a look at Livable Buckhead, Inc. and its bold plan to fill one of Atlanta's toniest but park-deficient neighborhoods with all kinds of new public spaces. Still not sure Buckhead is the "Beverly Hills of the East," but maybe the parks will get us there.

The "Brookwood Desert"—folks got to play real estate developer by reading an impassioned Please Build Here looking at a woebegone little parcel of land on a section of Peachtree somewhat bereft of places for its well-heeled demographic to eat, drink and be merry.

Midtown/Atlantic Station—Curbed broke the story of one of Atlanta's biggest sources of unsold condominium inventory being relieved of its burden when a Florida investment group bought the remaining units of The Atlantic in bulk from ST Residential. This came on the heels of generally positive news for the Atlanta condo market.

Decatur—Atlanta's most progressive neighborhood/independent city had a good 2011, and one of its commissioners enumerated the ways in a handy-dandy Top 10 list. Pretty impressive, Decatur, but you missed one thing.

House of the Week—Curbed featured a lovely short-sale in Sandy Springs; someone is going to get quite a lot of rather nice space for a relatively small amount of money by pouncing on this handsome house.