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Atlanta Magazine Launches Dining Guide App

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Last week, Atlanta Magazine soft-launched its Dining Guide for iPhone, saying, "Don't let just anyone tell you where to eat." The snazzy App provides a vetted guide to hundreds of restaurants in the city, including full-length reviews from food editor and restaurant critic, Bill Addison. Users can also tap into news from the magazine's dining blog Covered Dish. Other features: filtered search by neighborhood, cuisine type, price, and star rating; a way to mark and store favorites; connection to OpenTable and ability to share on Facebook and Twitter; and Instagram restaurant photos.

On the new App, Addison notes:

"There are of course a number of apps that offer comprehensive searches for Atlanta restaurants. Our approach is to provide users with a much more curated guide for where to dine: These are places visited and rated by the magazine's critics (primarily Christiane Lauterbach and me). And we'll be adding content—both new openings and established restaurants that have been given a fresh look—on a weekly basis."
The magazine is still working on a small kink—full reviews pop up in order of oldest to newest instead of newest to oldest—but expect that detail to be fixed this week.

The free App is available at Apple's App Store.