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Five Things You Didn't Know About Ammazza

Alex Lassiter

Glitter pizza purveyors Ammazza opened less than three weeks ago. Eater checked in to see how it's going and discovered there's a lot more to this hotspot than it seems.

1. Owners Jason Connerty and Hugh Connerty have an office directly above the bar in the restaurant. In fact, those sitting in the dining room can sometimes look up and see them walking around the small lofted space during slow times.

2. The circular pizza box, which fits Ammazza's 16-inch pizzas perfectly, so they don't move during transport, is made from sugar cane.

3. The restaurant has a box of Etch-a-Sketch toys behind the counter. Though they are intended to entertain children while waiting for their food, plenty of "adults" have been requesting them.

4. Ammazza has two 6,000-pound pizza oven that determined the layout of the entire restaurant. There's a basement under the dining room and because the ovens are so heavy, the floor could only support them in their current location.

5. The space, which was originally a warehouse but most recently an office building, is asymmetrical, so the Connertys had trouble figuring out how to light it while still making it aesthetically appealing. They ended up having a local builder create long lights made from rolled copper—the idea was to mimic large plumbing pipes—and placing them in the rafters. That way, the eye automatically follows the lights and not the asymmetrical space.

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