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The Early Word on Ammazza

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Alex Lassiter

Glitter pizza purveyor Ammazza opened about a month ago on Edgewood Avenue. The Neapolitan-influenced restaurant, which sources ingredients locally and makes its own mozzarella, has become a fast favorite in the Old Fourth Ward. For your convenience, Eater sorted through reviews of Hugh and Jason Connerty's new pizza joint and compiled them below— and yes, most of them did in fact include comparisons to Antico. Read on to see how the restaurant fares after its first few weeks of service.

The Bacon Pizza News: One Yelper states, "I found the best bacon pizza in Atlanta! Ammazza really is as good as it gets for bacon pizza." [Yelp]

The Portions News: The size of the pizzas mean that two people can share comfortably and still have leftovers for lunch the next day, a few tipsters and Yelpers have noted. Eat.Drink.Shop.Love. agrees: "The portions are pretty [big] so I'm glad we shared because we had enough for lunch the next day." [EDSL]

The Zoo News: "The pizza makers are behind a glass window, where you can view them like you view snakes in a reptile house." Yup. [Yelp]

The Glitter Pizza News: One commenter perfectly sums up the edible glitter that can be put on pies: "Gliiiiiitter piiiiizza!!!!!!" [EaterWire]

The Not Antico News: "Very high quality [...] but definitely not at the level of Antico." "The quality of the pizza isn't quite on par with Antico, but [...] they've chosen to use locally sourced meat and produce." "Antico does a Neapolitan well but Ammazza provides a much better dining experience." "This place is good. Not quite as good as Antico's." "Simply put, the pizza, again, while good, is not Antico good." "It was definitely solid, just a notch below Antico." "It is more filling at least and not as expensive as Antico's." "The dough is slightly fluffier than Antico, but equally as delicious and I'm a big fan of the fact that they support local farmers and charcuteries and make the mozzerella in house." [Yelp]

The Open Late News: Many Eater readers are thrilled that the restaurant is open until 2 a.m. One tipster writes that she "loves that [she] can go here after a late night of drinking at bars down the street in Old Fourth Ward." [EaterWire]

The Sleek Decor News: The decor seems to have fans all around. See also: "Check out the blingy wall!" "Excellent atmosphere," "The interior looks totally awesome," "Overall cool vibe," "Wwanky and fun atmosphere, with its sociable tables and wide-open bar," "Really spacious and sleek looking," "Interior architecture is really great," and "This space is sleek and sexy." [EaterWire/Yelp]

The Lower Your Decibels News: A few people mentioned that the restaurant can get a little— or "deafeningly"— loud. There are rowdy children getting their 'za fix on in the earlier hours, and a DJ starts spinning in the evening. [EaterWire]

The Stellar Service News: Ammazza's laid out in a pay-in-the-front, collect-your-silverware-and-plates-yourself kind of way, but the service is still "awesome." A tipster writes in to say that the staff was "attentive without being in-your-face" and paid "close attention to [their] table despite the restaurant being packed." [EaterWire]

The Problems with the Stellar Service News: Because of the way the restaurant is set up, a few issues have arisen. A Yelper says that he had to pay for his pizza in the front, then open a new tab to order mixed drinks from the bar— something he called "amateur." [Yelp]

The Blogger News: Adventurous Tastes calls the restaurant "a worthy entrant" into Atlanta's pizza wars. They compliments the pizza's crust and the flourless chocolate almond cake that they ordered for dessert. Eat.Drink.Shop.Love. says that "the owners paid great attention to detail when thinking about opening this place" and notices that Ammazza caters to crowds of all ages. [AT/EDSL]

The Spotted Trotter News: Everybody is thrilled that the restaurant sources its meat from Kirkwood's The Spotted Trotter. One person puts it thusly: "The Bolognese with spicy meatballs from the Spotted Trotter made me want to weep with joy. " [Yelp]

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