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Will Michelin Guide Come to Atlanta?

Eater National sat down with the new international director of Michelin, the world's oldest and most well-known restaurant guide, and guess what? The infamous guide might just be coming to Atlanta. Michelin's also looking to expand into DC and Miami, as well as Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

So now the question arises: Does Atlanta want Michelin infiltrating our dining rooms, dropping its stars on our restaurants' doors? Sure, this is just another sign that our city can hold its own against older, more renowned food towns like New York and San Francisco, but the criticisms against the guide (some of which director Michael Ellis addresses in the interview) are numerous. Have an opinion on Michelin coming to Atlanta? Leave it in the comments or hit up the tipline.

· Michelin's International Director Michael Ellis on Criticism, the 2013 Guide, and Future Cities [-EN-]