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What Makes Brooklyn Water Bagels Different?

The water, of course! This Cumberland bagel shop had water experts analyze the mineral content of Brooklyn water and design a 14-step filtration system to turn our Atlanta water into the water bagel makers everywhere dream about. The store, which opened in late August, features an open layout, allowing diners to see how bagels are made, from water filtration to boiling, seeding, and baking.

In The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. water treatment room, there's a water softener, deionizer, UV light machine (for sanitary purposes since the water is chemical-free), a 600-gallon storage tank, and most important, The Brooklynizer—a machine that pumps the Brooklyn minerals into the water. The water is chilled and piped into the bakery—where it's used in bagels, pretzels, muffins and oatmeal—and the restaurant—where it's used in coffee, iced coffee cubes, and cream cheese (for whipping). The result is Brooklyn-style deli fare that tastes like New York.

Brooklyn Water Bagels is looking at additional metro Atlanta locations. Our sources tell us you may just be able to get New York-style bagels in Midtown in the next year.

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The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

2955 Cobb Pkwy SE, #240, Atlanta, GA 30339 770-988-9991