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Dante's Down the Hatch to Shutter, Will Be Replaced by High-Rise Apartments

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Dante's Down the Hatch.
Dante's Down the Hatch.
Photo: CL

Iconic fondue restaurant Dante's Down the Hatch will close permanently within the next few months to make room for a new high-rise apartment building. In July, the restaurant reported having trouble paying its tax bill, and the site has now been acquired by Atlanta Realty Partners.

Plans for the plot will be announced in the next two weeks— the company expects to break ground in the spring of 2013, according to BuckheadView. Soon, Dante's will release information about how the 42-year-old restaurant will proceed in the months before the redevelopment begins, but until then, it's "business as usual, and that's just the way Dante likes it."

Have inside information (especially about the restaurant's resident crocodile)? Here's the tipline.
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