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The Early Word on LPC

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Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love

La Pietra Cucina's recent evolution into LPC has left Atlantans with mixed feelings. In September, the restaurant rebranded itself, intending to become a less pretentious, more approachable Italian eatery: prices dropped (to the low average of $22 an entree), the menu changed, and the space was completely renovated. After month one, Concentrics owner Bob Amick reported that business had doubled. It's been a few weeks since then, so here's the news, both good and bad.

The Good News: One Yelper describes the food as "incredible," "perfection," and "yummy," then says that "he service was friendly, fast, and helpful, and atmosphere is a nice modern industrial setting." An OpenTable reviewer agreed: "Great food, great atmosphere, drinks were made perfect, and [...] we got excellent service. [Yelp/OpenTable]

The Empty Room News: Many a patron has commented on the sheer lack of diners in the restaurant. "At 8:30 p.m. on a Friday night, and there were only four other tables seated. It was almost unsettling." See also: "We went on a Saturday night and it was at 10% of their capacity." [Eater Tipline/OpenTable]

The Confusing Rebranding News: The signage and branding for the restaurant have changed, but all of its social media accounts are still under La Pietra Cucina's name. One OpenTable reviewer says that the place "should change the name if there is such a drastic change." [OpenTable]

The Pay for Parking News: An Eater tipster was shocked that the restaurant doesn't offer parking validation or free valet. [Eater Tipline]

The Black Spaghetti and Brussels Sprouts News: The black spaghetti, the only holdover from the old menu, is without a doubt still the most popular entree. The shaved brussels sprouts salad also comes heavily recommended. [OpenTable/Yelp]

The Do Over News: One OpenTableperson comments that the restaurant is "sadly not the same": "We used to love La Pietra Cucina, but the remodel has killed it for us." Another adds, "I have to say there is a certain something missing from the restaurant since the changes." Creative Loafing's Cliff Bostock had the restaurant in the number one spot of his top ten Atlanta restaurants list last year, but removed it from the 2012 version, citing that La Pietra Cucina closed. [OpenTable/Creative Loafing]

The Bad Service News: Says a reviewer, "The service was horrible and went from bad to worse. I doubt that I will ever return because of that. The restaurant was not busy at all so poor service can can not be overlooked." [OpenTable]

The Where Is the Menu News?: An Eater commenter writes in asking about the menu. "It's not even on their website," the commenter says. [Eater Comments]

The Small Plates News: Many tipsters and online reviews praise the small plates section of the menu. [Eater Tipline/OpenTable]

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