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Beltline Gets a Boost; Strip Club Drama; More!

The Eastside Trail, Midtown. Photo credit: Josh Green, Curbed

ATLANTA— When it comes to deep-pocketed philanthropists, the Atlanta Beltline's Eastside Trail is proving the "If you build it ?" adage accurate. Thanks in part to a $3 million gift from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, a grant-giving giant, the Beltline's trails should continue to expand sooner than expected.

DORAVILLE— Some won't admit it, but the adult entertainment industry is important to Atlanta's economy. Feathers are ruffled, though, when strip clubs encroach, as some foresee being the case in Doraville's future. The city wants to expand its borders along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard come Jan. 1, and will by extension annex a strip mall — and a strip club across the street.

ATLANTA— Tsk, tsk, Falcon Fanatics. That sums up the outcry from leaders in Castleberry Hill, who say tailgating revelers are acting like a bunch of trash-spewing, public-urinating animals before the Dirty Birds play at the Dome. They're using the term "biohazard" in reference to leftover trash.