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Hangover Power Hour Starts RIGHT NOW

The Majestic.
The Majestic.
HDR Creme

2012_hangover_power_hour.jpegA special announcement: It is now time for Hangover Power Hour, 60 whole minutes of non-stop hangover coverage. To start, here are a few previous Eater guides that may prevent or help cure the atrocious ailment. Pad your stomach with some greasy late-night or bar food, indulge in some patio dining and enjoy the breeze, or eat your drinks instead of sipping them. Stay tuned for more minute-by-minute hangover coverage, and stay safe out there.

· These ten places to get late-night eats allow Atlantans to pad their stomach after a long night of drinking. The notable omission is, of course, Octopus Bar.
· Eating while you drink is another great way to avoid a hangover, so do check out this list of the best bar food in the city.
· The hair of the dog is by far the most scientific cure for a hangover. Here's a list of great, non-traditional brunch cocktails to kickstart your morning after.
· Day drinking al fresco is the activity favored by most of the "I had a pretty late night" crowd. Bring sunglasses, order bottomless anything, and head to one of these twelve restaurants with patios.
· Perhaps the best way to avoid a post-drinking headache is to eat your alcohol instead of drinking it. If that's the case, this map of places that offer alcohol-laden menu items is your best bet.

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