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Chris Kinjo and MF Sushi Reappear in Houston

MF Buckhead, MF Sushi Houston.
MF Buckhead, MF Sushi Houston.

Ever wonder what Chris Kinjo of MF Buckhead fame is up to these days? Here's the answer: He just opened a new restaurant, MF Sushi, in Houston. That's right, MF Sushi is now in Texas, giving diners in the middle of our country the traditional sushi experience that Atlantans know and love— but with a "very reasonable" price tag (guess that means no $300-a-photoperson omakase). Eater Houston got the scoop in an interview with Kinjo during which the chef talks about his Buckhead days, going bankrupt and losing everything in Atlanta, and making the move to Central Standard Time. He brought his Peachtree Road kitchen crew to Texas with him and says, about the Buckhead spot, that "losing that beautiful five-star restaurant is one of the best things that ever happened to me."

Early next year, Japanese restaurant Amura will open in the former MF Buckhead space. The restaurant was located in the Terminus building and shuttered in February after filing for bankruptcy in November 2011. Talk of relocating did make the rounds, but Texas was never mentioned. Kinjo says, "For the last four months, I've been working on this project [in Houston], just underground. I didn't want anybody to know. I just kind of want to open the doors and see what happens." Pictures of the Lone Star restaurant are right here.

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