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Talkin' Walkability; Falcons Stadium Poll!!

The bucolic, walkable utopia that is Serenbe.
The bucolic, walkable utopia that is Serenbe.
Photo: Serenbe Twitter

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

CITYWIDE — Behind traffic, the chief gripe overhead about Atlanta — especially from snowbirds raised in older, denser, more strategically planned cities — is this notion of scant walkability. Sure, the ATL's whacky tapestry is dotted with village-like clusters that act as self-sustaining microcosms, but is that enough? Is true walkability a pipe dream?

CITYWIDE— With backers like Gub'ner Deal and Mayor Reed, a new Falcons stadium is all but a foregone conclusion. So, if/when a new roost rises, where should it go? We've decided to poll our astute Curbed readership. And votes are leaning south.

GRANT PARK — A smidge south of I-20 and just east of Boulevard we find this charming 1903 Victorian bungalow in Grant Park. Looks like a jackpot for restoration aficionados, priced alluringly at $275,000.

MIDTOWN — Owning this two-bedroom, two-bath slice of an elegant, s-shaped tower on Peachtree Street would set you back $524,900, and we can't help but wonder if the ask is justified. This new unit is part of the 1010 Midtown building, built on the site of a former megaclub in 2008.