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Megaprojects; Getting Sweet On Atlanta; McMansions: Fin

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta...
Spaghetti Junction, the original transportation infrastructure megaproject. [Image via]

Georgia—The Georgia Department of Transportation released a long-simmering study of upgrades needed in the state's transportation infrastructure to ease the flow of freight, one of the Peach State's biggest industries. They want to widen a bunch of highways, expand the railways, and deepen the port. The catch? All of it will cost $18-20 billion dollars. Hmm.

All Over Atlanta—Valentine's Day got us sweet on Atlanta and some of this fair city's loveliest places. There were the obvious: Piedmont Park, the Duck Pond, the bar at Publik (?). What are YOUR favorite places in Hot Town?

Everywhere—Word came that the average American house is shrinking in size, signaling the possible beginning of the end of new McMansions. This got us nostalgic about McMansions, in all their garish silliness. Will YOU miss them?

House of the Week—A swanky Buckhead estate listing evoked notions of the Founding Fathers and their travels to the Continent back in the day. What happens when you combine a bunch of prime Buckhead dirt, a big old plantation house and a keen eye for decorating (and a budget to match)? THIS.