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JCT. Kitchen & Farm Burger Support Good Food For All

The dining room at JCT. Kitchen.
The dining room at JCT. Kitchen.
Photo courtesy of Facebook

Next Wednesday, February 29, local foodies can support healthy food in the city through two restaurant fundraisers. First up, JCT. Kitchen & Bar will host a Local Lunch Break for Schools, following the framework of a recommended one-week school lunch menu released by First Lady Michelle Obama's Chefs Move to Schools program. All net proceeds from lunch items sold will be donated to the American Culinary Federation's efforts in support of Chefs Move.

On the evening of the 29th, Farm Burger Buckhead has planned a special supper to raise funds for the Peachtree Road Farmers Market. The dinner's sold out, but the restaurant is also holding a mini-market on the patio—so you can still grab a beer and check out farmers selling fresh produce, eggs, and cheese from 3:30 p.m. to dark. More details here.

Farm Burger

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