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Eater Atlanta Changes: Farewell to the Jens, Hello Carly!

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A new month brings staffing changes—and opportunity!—to the good ship Eater Atlanta. As some of you know, our founding editor Jennifer Zyman has been on maternity leave for a few months now. In her absence, the site was ably helmed by Jennifer Maley. Today, we bid farewell to Ms. Maley, who's moving on up at her day job and so must leave us. Thanks for a great run, Jen.

Meantime, we're announcing today that Ms. Zyman, whom we adore, won't be returning to the site as its lead editor. Rather, she'll be moving into the role of contributing editor, in which she'll pen feature stories for us on a freelance basis; you'll of course be able to find her at her personal blog, Blissful Glutton. As her first act in her new role here, look for her update of the Eater Atlanta Heatmap later today.

Today we're also welcoming on another familiar Atlanta byline, Carly Cooper, in the role of Associate Editor. You'll find her work here on a daily basis from here on. But the role of lead editor remains open. It's a very nicely paid freelance gig with opportunities for growth galore. Think you've got the chops to do it? Drop an email to and tell us why you're the right person for the job. If we like what we hear, we'll follow up quickly. Thanks.