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Cliff Bostock Gives Fifth Ivory A First Look

In Creative Loafing, restaurant critic Cliff Bostock reviews The Fifth Ivory, the new restaurant located at the corner of Juniper and Fifth Street in Midtown. According to Bostock, it’s a “ballsy undertaking,” with the restaurant’s website proclaiming that they’ve attempted to take a "Southern version of an Irish Pub and mash it with the nostalgia of a sixties Piano Bar." Regarding the food, Bostock mentions that all the appetizers (except one) were fried, and one of them tasted “Cracker-Barrel-icious.” He goes on to say:

My understanding is that the restaurant featured a more interesting menu when it opened. It's going to need radical improvement to attract regular diners, although the piano bar — dripping in nostalgia — might keep business brisk.

Bostock also reviews Mezza, which he proclaims is “still among the city’s best for middle-eastern cooking.” The menu includes over 50 mainly vegetarian and gluten free options, and Bostock describes the small-plate-size portions as “generous. We ordered 2 or 3 dishes each and waddled away from the table.” He mentions several of the dishes he enjoyed (chicken shawarma, kibbi balls, and beef-stuffed grape leaves), but advises avoiding the basturma, desrcribing it as “thin slices of virtually tasteless dried beef.” Bostock finishes the meal with dessert:

I was the only person at the table to order dessert — two semolina cookies stuffed with dried dates. Imagine a super-crumbly Fig Newton. I suggest you pick the restaurant's famously delicious homemade ice cream instead.

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Floataway Cafe

1123 Zonolite Road Northeast, , GA 30306 (404) 892-1414 Visit Website

The Fifth Ivory

794 Juniper St. Atlanta GA. 30308