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Sublime Doughnuts Voted America's Best Bakery

The award for Bake Magazine's America's Best Bakery of 2012 goes to Atlanta's own Sublime Doughnuts. The creations that chef and owner Kamal Grant sells out of his 10th Street shop (and Sublime's new location in Bangkok) are unique in aesthetics, like his A-shaped hometown take on the Boston cream, and in taste, as evidenced by the ultimate April Fool's Day prank pastry: a doughnut covered in powdered ranch and filled with Buffalo chicken mousse. People still on the cupcake bandwagon should be wary of the red velvet doughnut, which may very well lure them over to the other side.

Voting for the best bakery took place through the month of March, and the winner was quietly announced on the magazine's website yesterday. In the video he submitted to the contest, Grant said the keys to his success are word-of-mouth advertising and combining flavors people are familiar with in fun ways. His Orange Dream Star doughnut is a great example of this. The star-shaped treat has tangy vanilla cream cheese inside and a natural orange glaze on top, playing off of the taste of an Orange Creamsicle.
· Sublime Doughnuts [Official Site]
· Bake Magazine [Official Site]
— Sonia Chopra
[Photo via Facebook]

Sublime Doughnuts

535 10th Street Northwest, , GA 30318 (404) 897-1801 Visit Website

Sublime Doughnuts

535 Tenth St NW, Atlanta, GA