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The Early Word on Buckhead Pizzeria STG Trattoria

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Emily Hall

Earlier this month, Bocado's Brian Lewis opened STG Trattoria - a Neapolitan Pizza joint with an extensive wine and amaro list. With Joshua Hopkins of Abattoir and Adam Waller of Sotto Sotto in the kitchen, the new Buckhead restaurant prides itself on using local and quality ingredients to take traditional Italian cuisine to the next level. Feedback thus far has been mostly positive and diners are impressed with the ambience and design of the place. Take a look at how people are responding to STG Trattoria's first few weeks:

The Good Wine At A Good Price News: The lone yelp reviewer was impressed with the wine selection and the staff's helpfulness: "You enter the restaurant through a tunnel-like hallway with wine covering the walls. The first question we were asked when entering is if we wanted to go ahead and pick out a bottle of wine - which of course we did! They fetched Brian to personally help us pick out wine for our meal. All of their wine is Italian and not marked up very high - we went with his first recommendation, which was a very reasonable $24 bottle." [Yelp]

The Solid Pie News: The blogger behind Eat it, Atlanta was pleased with his margherita pie: "I was quite happy with it, especially as I like a fair amount of sauce. And it was cooked with just the right amount of ‘leopard spotting’, as the pizza geeks say. Tasty cheese, thin crust, with a nice and chewy cornicione. I could nit pick and find fault, but seriously, no one is going to be complaining." [Eatitatlanta]

The Glowing News: a fan posted on the restaurant's Facebook page: "Best eggplant i've ever had, even my picky children loved it! Roasted eggplant, seasoned tomatoes onions and buffalo seasoned mozzarella served on homemade toast. Marinated shrooms rendered in pork fat, pickled onions served on homemade toast. Holy mouth-watering."[Facebook]

More Good News: A recent fan tweets: "Gorgeous space & delicious food! Chef Joshua Hopkins has a new home." [Twitter]

More Good News from the Twitterverse: Another happy diner tweets: "STG Trattoria was great last night. Nice touch w/ the wine cellar entrance. All 3 pizzas we had were awesome. 4 cheese & thyme pizza rocks." [Twitter]

The Some Good, Some Bad News: An Eater tipster writes in to say: "Apps-bonus points for being different, veal tongue and anchovies bruschetta, I liked it, huge portion, good bread with great toast to it. Roasted beets with vinaigrette, nothing wrong , octopus and potato salad, I have had this dish in 20 different places including spain and italy and it was a let down here, octopus still needed some cooking time, had some chew to it." [Eater ATL]
—Hannah Leighton

STG Trattoria

102 W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA