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Colbeh Persian Kitchen & Bar Officially Opens to the Public

123 E Court Sq., Decatur
Phone 404-373-1226
Status: Certified Open

Over the weekend, Colbeh Kitchen, a new Persian restaurant in Decatur in the former Zucca space, officially opened to the public. Owned by a pair of Iranian brothers, Colbeh serves specialties like lamb shank, marinated beef kabobs, chickpea and eggplant dips, and stews like Khoresht Badenjan and Ghormeh Sabzi.

Also, it's sexy as all get out and there are plenty of brown liquored signature cocktails to sample at the long mahogany bar and a back lounge outfitted with ship windows. Check it out and make sure to send all early word—both the good and the bad—to the Eater tipline.

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[Photo via Thrillist]

Colbeh Persian Kitchen

123 E Court Sq., Decatur, GA