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Richard Blais Predicts Cheesecake, Waffles as Next Trends

Local celeb chef, Top Chef All-Stars winner, and recently-named Atlanta Rising Star Richard Blais took time off from gearing up for the opening of his new restaurant The Spenceslated to begin serving May “21-ish”— and filming his new show Life After Top Chef to answer questions on the National Restaurant Association Show's Facebook page in preparation for his upcoming demonstration on the NRA Show main stage.

During the chat, fans asked Blais questions about upcoming food trends and what he personally likes to cook and eat. The chef said that he foresees cheesecake and waffles becoming popular in the future and that while he loves eating at food trucks, he doesn't plan to open his own anytime soon. He considers spaghetti and meatballs the ultimate comfort food, and right now, fresh seafood excites him more than any other ingredient.

Blais also shared his restaurant philosophy: "We cook tasty food you want to eat. We aren't doing anything superfluous— it's all about the flavor." Bold words from a chef known for his use of molecular gastronomy.
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[Photo via Creative Commons]