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Marriage Proposal Leads to New Ice Cream Flavor at Jake's

Jake's Ice Cream at the Irwin Street Market. Photo courtesy of Jake Rothschild.
Jake's Ice Cream at the Irwin Street Market. Photo courtesy of Jake Rothschild.

A marriage proposal has led to a new flavor of ice cream at Jake's in Inman Park's Irwin Street Market. Neighbor and frequent customer Ari Weitz, 29, brought his then-girlfriend Rachel Fox, 28, into the store Friday night, under the guise of snagging a cup of salted caramel (her favorite) before the Inman Park Festival crowds beat them to it. When Fox ordered, B.B. Tatum, who was working the counter, suggested Fox try a new flavor set to debut the following day. Always up for something new, Fox agreed, and was surprised to find the flavor contained the tastes she likes most: pretzels, chocolate chips and peanut butter swirl over a salted caramel base.

Seeing her delight, Tatum announced that she may as well officially debut the flavor at that time; she removed a sheet covering the chalkboard where flavors are written and there was the name of the new flavor: "Rachel, Will You Marry Me". Fox turned around, saw Weitz on one knee, and the rest goes down in sweet history.

"[When Ari contacted me to plan to proposal], he sounded so excited and yes, nervous, but there was no doubt in my mind that he was about to propose to someone with whom he is deeply in love. I could feel it over the phone, and I wanted to do anything I could to make sure this was a night the two of them would never forget," said Jake Rothschild, founder of Jake's Ice Cream.

Rachel, Will You Marry Me will be available for sale starting tomorrow at Jake's Irwin Street Market location for $3.73 per scoop. If it does well, it is set to become a permanent fixture on the Jake's menu.

Jake's Ice Cream

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