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Czar Ice Bar Gives New Meaning to a Place to Chill

Photos by John David of John David Hall Photography.

Czar Ice Bar, Atlanta’s first (and so far only) ice bar, opened last week with 300 vodkas, a variety of sushi and a 27-foot bar covered in 4-inch-thick ice. Minus that whole liquid nitrogen poisoning inside, Czar has been getting a pretty cool rap.

Open for lunch, dinner and late night, Czar is led by Chef Saito Saito, who creates gourmet sushi rolls like the Lady in the Water (lobster, cream cheese and green ceviche sauce) as well as cooked items like wasabi pork dumplings. There are vegetarian options, too. All can be ordered via Czar’s Kindle menus.

At the bar, guests can down “seasonal house-infused vodkas,” vodka-thyme lemonade and many a martini. Take a look around.

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Czar Ice Bar

56 East Andrews Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30309 404 869 1132

Czar Ice Bar

56 E. Andrews Dr., Atlanta, GA